TrialsFind PRO

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Clinical Trials Intelligence.
Designed By Analysts For Analysts


For Researchers and Clinical Information Seekers

Understanding which pharmaceutical company is conducting a clinical trial for which disease and by phase of development can be a challenge if you have to comb through the data manually. TrialsFind PRO is the one tool that offers the user access to real-time clinical trials data from around the globe within just a few seconds, saving a tremendous amount of time and effort.

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For Patients

Patients suffering from diseases often seek information about clinical trials. It helps them to be a part of the effort to find better medications, while potentially offering an opportunity to better manage their own disease. Currently, patients struggle to find clinical trials that might be right for them. Our goal at TrialsFind is to help more patients find the exact trials they need more quickly.

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TrialsFind PRO

TrialsFind PRO for analysts offers real-time data extraction, analysis, visualization to automatically create clinical knowledge. No other system offers the speed, flexibility and breadth of clinical data offered by TrialsFind. TrialsFind displays competitive trials, their timing, include/exclude criteria, and other parameters – all in real time.

Statistical Dashboard

Instantly view all important figures associated with the search term. Common search terms include: disease, drug, company but could include any other search criteria of interest.

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Charts & Graphs

Interactive Charts and Graphs show important details needed by analysts and clinical research teams.

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Data Insights

Data is grouped under various heads such as "dates", "patients", and "criteria" and is displayed for easy onscreen viewing.

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Easy Downloads

Intuitively grouped data can easily be downloaded in Excel format. Each Excel data sheet has automatic filtering capability built in.

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How TrialsFind PRO Works

TrialsFind is a simple to use clinical trial data tool that automatically extracts, analyses and visualizes the world's clinical trial data faster and more accurately than any other tool currently available.

When a user signs up, he or she can immediately use our intuitive tool for maximum benefit. Whether they are looking to design a clinical trial, identify KOLs, understand include and exclude criteria, or leverage any other mission critical clinical trial information, there is no other resource available that works so seamlessly and effortlessly than TrialsFind.

Our team of pharma industry experts and technology professionals have come together to build a truly unique and powerful “gold standard” clinical trials intelligence platform.

How TrialsFind PRO Can Help You

In today's fast paced pharmaceutical and biotech world, time is of the essence. TrialsFind is the fastest, most robust and most accurate system that allows the user to get more done, get it done better, and get it done faster.

And, TrialsFind offers an unparalleled value proposition. Never has a system done so much at such a cost-effective price point. Even if you have other clinical trial intelligence systems, you will find that TrialsFind is tremendously complementary.