TrialsFind provides free information on all the currently recruiting clinical studies registered on and other global registries to patients and doctors.

Patients & Doctors can find the exact location of the clinical trial the patient needs on TrialsFind anywhere in the world immediately.

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A sample study record on TrialsFind

Getting Access to Data on TrialsFind

You need to be a registered user to search and access data on TrialsFind.

Registered users can log in and conduct a search for a disease, drug or a sponsor.

The FREE search results are meant for patients and doctors and only show results for studies which are currently recruiting patients. The results can also be downloaded as excel reports.

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Patient FAQs

What are Clinical trials?

Clinical Trials are research studies that involve the participation of human volunteers to explore the effectiveness and safety of new treatments and devices. During clinical trials the investigators determine how participants respond to the interventions and measure any side effects.

TrialsFind “For Patients” draws from the dataset. is the largest registry for clinical studies of human participants in the world. Each trial is assigned a unique NCT ID number to avoid confusion.

What is TrialsFind?

TrialsFind offers free information on all the clinical studies registered in to doctors and patients. They can find the precise and needful data on TrialsFind which can help them to know about the clinical studies.

How to search on TrialsFind?

On the homepage you will need to register to use the system. Once registered, simply log in and you will be able to search for the clinical trial you need.
Once you enter your email address and password you will the system automatically takes you to the search page where you type the search term in the search box and click search. You can search for drug, disease or company. TrialsFind then immediately returns the information in a way that is more organized and easy to read.

Tips: Please use very specific search terms.

Example: Instead of "Cancer", use a specific search term like "non-Hodgkin lymphoma".

Searching terms that are too broad can result in long wait times.

Why should I use TrialsFind if the same data can be retrieved from is the largest registry of clinical studies in the world. It provides detailed information about most of the clinical trial being conducted globally. Searching the database manually can be painstaking and time consuming so, it becomes very difficult to find the exact information you are looking for.

TrialsFind enables you to find the exact information for the trials you are looking for immediately and in a more organized way.

Why am I not able to search my term on TrialsFind?

TrialsFind” For Patients” retrieves information from If the clinical trial you are searching for is not registered on, it will not show the results.

How can I participate in a trial?

You can directly contact the trial locations near your place of residence to learn if a particular trial might be right for you.

What is the status of these clinical trials? Are they open for recruitment?

All the clinical trials you find in TrialsFind “For Patients” are currently recruiting patients. You can directly contact the trial locations near you to find out if you qualify to participate in a specific trial.

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