TrialsFind PRO

Pharma Industry’s New Standard For Clinical Trials Intelligence.

Intuitive Dashboard with Automated Analysis and Charting.

340,000+ Trials from over 190 countries.

Includes data from and all major global registries.

TrialsFind PRO is the #1 Visual Analytics Platform for Clinical Trials Intelligence. It provides important insights into all the major clinical trials registries in the world Including the database. TrialsFind PRO is a must have for all analysts who use clinical trial data to evaluate clinical trials on a regular basis.

TrialsFind PRO is used by analysts and business managers the world over for drug pipeline analysis and competitive pipeline intelligence.

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Intelligent Trials Tracker New Feature!

Automatically tracks trial changes for all your search terms. Tracks start dates, completion dates, primary completion dates, inclusion/exclusion criteria etc.

Statistical Dashboard

Instantly view all important figures associated with the search term. The search term could be a disease, drug, company or any other search criteria you might require.

Stacked Graphs

Interactive 3 dimensional stacked charts provide a detailed perspective of clinical trials.

Pie Charts

Interactive pie charts for an overview of clinical trials by phase of development, recruitment status, or study type.

Data Insights

Data is grouped under various heads including "dates", "patients", and "Criteria" and is displayed for easy onscreen viewing.


Data can be filtered and downloaded as Excel spreadsheets for each of the data groups shown above or also as a one Excel sheet containing all of the data points.

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